McGettigan's Inn Pub

McGettigan's Inn Pub

McGettigan's Inn pub is the newest addition to our premises. Designed to recreate the atmosphere of a traditional Irish pub where people could meet to enjoy home-cooked food and their favourite drinks in a casual homely atmosphere.   The Inn is a cozy yet vibrant pub nestled in the heart of the city centre. It combines the warmth of a traditional pub with a modern twist, offering an inviting atmosphere for locals and visitors alike.

Live Music

Live music performances by local artists are scheduled every Friday and Saturday, adding to the lively atmosphere of the pub.

Opening Hours

5pm Monday-Friday food served till 9pm, 12pm Saturday & Sunday with food starting from 1pm and served until 9pm.

Contact Us

Email Us:
Call Us: +353 (61) 207 000
Find Us on: Instagram @mcgettiganslimerick
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