Lime Tree Theatre in Limerick City

The Lime Tree Theatre is a state-of-the-art 510 seat theatre, situated on the campus of Mary Immaculate College in Limerick city centre. Officially opened in October 2012, the venue hosts a wide range of performances, including theatre, music, comedy, traditional arts, schools’ performances and conferences. As a large scale theatre, it is a significant organisation within the national cultural infrastructure and, most especially to the cultural, social and economic life of Limerick and the mid-west.

The Lime Tree Theatre is situated on the rapidly expanding campus of Mary Immaculate College which offers a wide range of programmes in Education and the Liberal Arts at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. Currently, over 3,000 students are engaged in studies here.

The Theatre Director is Louise Donlon, who has extensive experience in the Irish arts sector, with Island Theatre Company (Limerick), Druid Theatre Company (Galway) and the Dunamaise Arts Centre (Portlaoise). She is a former member of the Arts Council.


Upcoming events at the Lime Tree Theatre Limerick

August 2017

  • Call Back | LYT Summer Show 17th -19th August (Belltable-Unallocated)
  • IFI@Belltable – The Beguiled 21st August 2017 (Belltable- Unallocated)
  • IFI@Belltable – The Farthest 28th August 2017 ( Belltable- Unallocated)

September 2017

  • IFI@Belltable –Sanctuary 4th September 2017 (Belltable- Unallocated)
  • Luka Bloom 8th September 2017 (Belltable)
  • Badger’s Birthday – an animal story 9th September ( Belltable)
  • Owen Wingrave 9th September 2017 – Lime Tree Theatre
  • IFI@Belltable – Final Portrait 11th September (Belltable- unallocated)
  • For all the fires not yet lit 28th -30th September ( Belltable)

October 2017

  • Bualadh Bos Festival 2017 |Trash Test Dummies 13th-14th October 2017 – Lime Tree Theatre
  • Bualadh Bos Festival 2017 | They Called Her Vivaldi  17th-18th October ( Belltable)
  • Donna Taggart and hr Musicians 18th October 2017 – Lime Tree Theatre
  • Bualadh Bos Festival 2017| Fantasmagorical 21st-21st October 2017 ( Belltable)
  • Duke Special –Hallow 25th October 2017 ( Belltable)
  • Some People v Reginald D. Hunter 26th October 2017- Lime Tree Theatre

November 2017 

  • Ruby Wax | Frazzled  2nd  November 2017 – Lime Tree Theatre
  • Living A Wild Life with Colin Stafford –Johnson 3rd November 2017- Lime Tree Theatre
  • Phil Coulter | Pure Gold 22nd November 2017 –Lime Tree Theatre

December 2017

  • Eimear Quinn Christmas Concert 7th December 2017 (Belltable)
  • Aladdin Panto 2017/2018 28th December 2017- 7th January 2018 – Lime Tree Theatre

April 2018

  • Milton Jones is Out There 19th April 2018 –Lime Tree Theatre 


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