Limerick Adventures

The Hunt Stag & Hen Packages: 

Choose from Archery, Archery Tag, Zorbing, Team Challenges, our Limerick City Treasure Hunt for either 1.5 hours (€25 pp) or 2.5 hours (€35 pp) and for every 10 participants, 1 goes FREE.  

Take your Stag or Hen Party Outing on one of our fantastic Limerick City Treasure Hunts while competing in lots of crazy fun tasks and challenges using our modern phone app. 

Our Limerick City Treasure Hunts are a great way to see Limerick, to meet some locals and visits some of Limerick's quirky sites. 

After the Hunt, ye can try some Water Zorbing, Archery, Archery Tag or Team Challenges too. 

Water Zorbing is such a funny concept and garaunteed to have you laughing so much. This is an exciting fun filled experience unlike anything you've partaken in before. So, who ever said you can't walk on water, roll around inside a hamster ball and bump into your friends without hurting yourself ? 

Archery Tag is a phenomenal new concept in friendly combat sports that can be played indoors or out and utilizes archery with special foam tipped arrows to play the game. Players divide into two teams and hide behind inflatable bunkers, or other obstacles, and try to be the first team to knock out the centres of a 5 spot target on the opponent’s side of the field, or, eliminate the opposing team. Virtually painless and mess free, unlike paintball, Archery Tag is intense enough for thrill seekers and safe enough for kids to play; making this game the most fun you’ll ever have with a bow and arrow! 

Our Team Challenges consist of Adults Hungry Hippo, Giant Jigsaw, Walking Planks, Spiders Web, Stepping Stones 


Limerick Sailing & Boating Stag/Hen Package: 

Enjoy a more relaxed Stag or Hen Party in Limerick City with our Sailing & Boat Tours and packages from the Hunt Museum in Limerick City. 

These are a truly unique and fantastic way to spend an afternoon - learning to sail with your friends onboard on the river Shannon in the heart of Limerick City!  If you want, bring a picnic aboard while we are sight spotting as that's no problem at all. And we can even try a little fishing of the side of the boat too. The sailing session is aboard our Drascombe Lugger 19.5 foot sailboat which means that all get to learn together and under the guidance of one of our Instructors by your side. 

This is a great way to experience an unforgettable Sailing and Boating Tour of Limerick City, where your smaller stag or hen group will get to learn to sail, take in the stunning surroundings and learn about some of the amazing local history and landmarks.

 The cost with Equipment and the Instructor included is €25 per person for the 1.5 hr outing and €35 pp for the 2.5 hr outing. 

Stag & Hen Special Offer - Every 10 Participants, 1 Goes FREE  


Outdoor Rock Climbing & Hill Walking Packages: 

Choose from Outdoor Rock Climbing, Abseiling, Hillwalking, Archery, Archery Tag & Team Challenges on our 1.5 & 2.5 Hours package from only €25 pp 

Are you looking for something really different and outdoors? Which will keep your group healthy and out of the pub for the day?  Then have a go on our Outdoor Rock Climbing & Hill Walking Stag and Hen packages. 

Whether you are looking for some fun group bonding, adrenaline or adventure, we can build a solution for you and your group by our expert team of Qualified Instructors.We have a number of packages for Stag and Hen Parties in Limerick : 

  • 1.5 hrs Outdoor Rock Climbing, Abseiling, Hill Walking, Archery and Team Challenges from €25 pp.
  • 2.5 hrs Outdoor Rock Climbing, Abseiling, Hill Walking, Archery / Archery Tag, Team Challenges from €35 pp.

Book your Accommodation for any of the above packages with us.   To book above activities please contact 

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